Monday, 31 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 1 February 2011 - Egypt II

We're getting stuck into it now. O'Reilly asks a new guest (Friedman) whether these protests will work and we might get the Muslim Brotherhood ruling the country. He backs this up citing the Islamic revolution in Iran which went from dictator who supported the US to a bunch of cocks who hate the US. I can see Iran is going to be the example for everything that may ever happen in the Middle East.

These are NOT the only two options in Egypt - and even if it is, let EGYPT decide democratically. Friedman says that the Muslim Brotherhood are lurking in the background. Crap - they have been very vocal in the coverage I have seen. Yes, admittedly, they do have an anti-Israel agenda. No, they are not the only people who campaign against the current Egyptian government.

One of the things many people forget is that the people of Egypt hate terrorists too. There have been numerous terrorist attacks in Egypt by radicals and people do not want them.

Glenn Beck is on. He tells us that this is the Archduke Ferdinand moment - something that cold spark of a big-ass war (Assasination of Ferdinand is the incident which sparked off WW1). Beck says that US diplomacy has resulted in the USA backing dictators and this is the reason that people outside the USA hate the USA. This is where Beck stops speaking sense. He is also onto Iran now and how things can only get worse because that is what happens in the Middle East.

Beck now says America should just stay the hell out of other people's affairs - even George Washington said so. It is the liberal progressive agenda which gets America into these messes and Beck blames Woodrow Wilson.

Ah, here we go. Beck says the protests in Egypt are motivated by the Marxists and the Communists. O'Reilly says the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jihadists will take the place of the government and give al-Qaeda another hide-out. Hee hee - this is getting ridiculous. Beck says Mubarak is a horrible ugly guy but it is worse when the Jihadists take over. O'Reilly interrupts and says the world's biggest problem is Jihadists. Beck says NO, it is the Jihadists coupled with the Marxists and the Communists.

This is the most insane conversation I have ever heard.

O'Reilly has just told us that there is no oil in Egypt.

Beck says America is not in the Middle East for oil. anyway.

This is possibly the most insane 10 minutes of TV I have ever seen in my life.

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