Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 27 Jan 2011 - Democrat defending SOTU

Democrat reponse to O'Reilly's SOTU response. Chap called Robert Andrews, Democrat from New Jersey.

Correctly, what I heard, this guest tells O'Reilly that Obama said he would freeze spending for 5 years. Not enough for the Republicans but still an admission that there is a deficit.

O'Reilly is schooling this guy. In terms of TV skill, old Billy knows how to use this medium. He has also found the driest politician to come and argue with him.

Andrews says that the Internet is a result of government involvement in a project. O'Reilly says private sector would have invented it anyway. O'Reilly mentions that Amtrak (USA's Transnet) has lost $13 billion in 10 years. Andrews admits that Paul Ryan, the Republican who responded to the SOTU address could have a role to play in future government spending.

In fairness, there wasn't much crazily incorrect or offensive. It was a pretty interesting discussion.

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