Monday, 24 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 25 Jan 2011 - State of the Union address

State of th Union is tomorrow night and O'Reilly is mad because he has to watch it. He claims every president puts a positive spin on things, including Obama. Obama will tell us he is doing a good job - inserts say that McCain and Colin Powell agree.

O'Reilly reckons Obama is only moving toward the centre because he wants to win the next election. Well spotted you political expert, you.

Congressman Michelle Bachmann - who has just been slaughtered to shit by Anderson Cooper for glossing over America's history of slavery - is on. She's going to be the Tea Party spokesperson replying to the State of the Union address.

Bachman knows Gabrielle Giffords (they entered Congress together), the most famous victim in the Tucson shooting. O'Reilly is beating the drum of how ALL Republicans were accused of being accessories to the shooting -due to political rhetoric - by ALL non-Republicans. This is complete and utter shit. Yes, some people did. But not all.

Weirdly enough, Bachmann and O'Reilly are mutually masturbating about how the media bypassed the truth... while they peddle these lies.

O'Reilly reckons that because the accusations of this were denied by the President, the Far Left is now irreparably damaged. Actually, the Far anything doesn't damage itself EVER, as 8 years of Bush followed up by Palin has displayed.

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