Monday, 24 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 25 Jan 2011 - American donations stolen

O'Reilly last week accused donations to Haiti of being stolen. He shows us clips of Bono and Bill Gates saying that all donations to fight the wars on AIDS, poverty etc etc are working.

Nile Gardner, from the Heritage Foundation, however, disagrees. $145 million of donated money has gone missing, allegedly, which according to Gardner, could be billions. Yes, he said that. No, I don't know.

O'Reilly is not wasting time telling us he donates. "Where does MY money go when I donate it?" he asks.

Turns out it goes into a central fund - Gates foundation, or whatever - and then is distributed by someone else beneath the eyes of the UN who is not accountable for the money. So this doesn't neccesarily mean the money has been stolen, it just means that people without permission can't trace it - which admittedly, is half of the problem with most aid that is given.

Bill and Melinda Gates have responded to accusations of thievery with a statement, but O'Reilly declines to read their response. Nice to get the full picture then, eh?

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