Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 9 February 2011 - Illegal immigration and facebook

Should an Arizona farmer be forced to pay for work done by 16 illegal immigrants? The cost s $87 000 and a California (??) court says the farmer MUST pay them.

These 16 chaps went to visit him which Bardenne (farmer at hand) felt intimidated by and pulled out his gun. He eventually said he wasn't afraid and took the gun down, kicked some woman and then got his wife to phone the border patrol. Yadda yadda there's lot of detail that makes no difference in this debate.

In-studio guest reckons that it's his land and he can set a dog on people and wave a gun around on his own property if he wants to.

We're on to facebook now and the recent spate of goings on there. A woman bitched about her boss on facebook and was fired. No idea what she said (could be quite important). But a labour organisation said the boss had no right to fire her.

Evidently freedom of speech can get you fired and that's ok. In-studio guest says "It's a little thing called the first amendment". Of course the woman can call her boss a prat if she wants to. O'Reilly is mates with Glen Beck who vociferously insults people all the time and it's ok for him.

Come on Bill. This is nonsensical.

More O'Reilly tomorrow. Cheers folks.

Bill O'Reilly episode 9 February 2011 - Michelle Obama's anti-obesity drive

Michelle Obama says restaurant portions should be smaller and the children's menu should have healthy food on it. There's an obvious libertarian argument against this.

John Stossel, a Fox anchor is in studio and he reckons that restaurants know their customers a lot better than Michelle Obama does. I hate agreeing with people on Fox but I am totally with them here. You cannot dictate what restaurants can and cannot serve.

I have written about this before.

Now here we go... O'Reilly reckons that the government is telling us what to do like getting us to quit smoking by raising the taxes on the product. Should the government raise taxes on fast food to stop poor people eating? How far should the government go? (He doesn't say).

O'Reilly says that Michelle Obama's stance is noble and he likes the thought but she should stay out of his all-you-can-eat rib buffet.

They haven't mentioned that the USA is one of the world's fattest nations.

Not the most interesting O'Reilly segment, but whatever. Up next: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION! Yay - some good action here.

Bill O'Reilly episode 9 February 2011 - Osama Bin Laden and Muslims in general

A Dr Schuer on the show who has authored a book says we should kill all members of the Taliban. He has said kill three times in about the first minute of this interview. He claims that not enough troops were sent in at the beginning.

Scheur reckons that as soon as the States leaves Afghanistan, al Qaeda will return and although the US government will spin it as a success, the Muslims will see it as the fall of the world's second superpower. Yep, that's totally true. Try to make America think that the rest of the world - Muslims in particular - reckons that has egg on its face.

Schuer says that ONLY the Muslim Brotherhood could replace Mubarak in Egypt so it basically boils down to either Mubarak or terrorists who want to blow America up via Israel. For goodness sake...

Scheur reckons the USA will never catch Osama Bin Laden and that there is more chance of him dying of old age.

Michelle Obama on next regarding her anti-obesity drive. This morning she refused to say where she stood on gays, so she's not in my good books at the moment.

Bill O'Reilly episode 9 February 2011 - Planned Parenthood

This looks quite hectic and will probably deal with statutory rape. O'Reilly's team asked the Planned Parenthood VP of communications, Stuart Schear. Schear claims he hasn't seen the tape but reckons it is doctored.

Planned Parenthood gets something like $300 million per year from the USA government.

Ok I see the problem here - girls who are like 13 are going into Planned Parenthood and getting advice about how to get an abortion without their parents knowing. In the state of New York (where this video was allegedly taken) you HAVE TO DECLARE any knowledge of statutory rape, which these people are not doing. Bastards.

O'Reilly is swinging this into an anti-abortion thing and has some deeply Republican congressman (Mike Pence from Indiana) to agree with him. Planned Parenthood, if it is dishing out abortion advice and possibly abortions should not, according to the law, receive government funding.

Here's the crux - poor people can get subsidised or free abortions. Planned Parenthood is a Title 10 organisation (publicly funded) and it seems as though the agenda being pushed here is to stop free/cheap abortions under the guise of cutting funding to organisations that break the law, like this one.

Pence kept calling abortion a form of birth control - I suppose technically it is, but it is not really the same thing as taking the pill, mate.

Bill O'Reilly episode 9 February 2011 - Introduction

Americans are turning against Obamacare, says O'Reilly. Sick people turning up at hospital who don't want to be bankrupted are not competitive under the proposed laws - which O'Reilly wants repealed, not changed. Obviously. Waka waka a Florida judge last week ruled Obamacare unconstitutional last week - a fact that O'Reilly must repeat every day. It is going to the Supreme Court which will decide anyway.

There are two guests in the studio who keep interrupting each other. They think they are being hilarious but I don't know what the hell is going on.

AP GFK poll says 40% of Americans in favour of Obamacare and 41% against which in-studio guest says is a better poll than O'Reilly's Rasmussen poll. That looks pretty even to me. At around a 2% margin of error, that could go between 39%-41% for or 39% to 42% against.

O'Reilly and the woman who is an in-studio guest (someone whose name I should know - journo on radio - apologies) are debating whether people hate Obama or his policies. She says that the left HATED Bush but the righties at the moment only dislike Obama's policies - idiot woman. O'Reilly correctly says that a lot of people hate Obama.

Next up - a civil organisation called Planned Parenthood is in kak for trying to cover up underage sex.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 1 February 2011 - Egypt II

We're getting stuck into it now. O'Reilly asks a new guest (Friedman) whether these protests will work and we might get the Muslim Brotherhood ruling the country. He backs this up citing the Islamic revolution in Iran which went from dictator who supported the US to a bunch of cocks who hate the US. I can see Iran is going to be the example for everything that may ever happen in the Middle East.

These are NOT the only two options in Egypt - and even if it is, let EGYPT decide democratically. Friedman says that the Muslim Brotherhood are lurking in the background. Crap - they have been very vocal in the coverage I have seen. Yes, admittedly, they do have an anti-Israel agenda. No, they are not the only people who campaign against the current Egyptian government.

One of the things many people forget is that the people of Egypt hate terrorists too. There have been numerous terrorist attacks in Egypt by radicals and people do not want them.

Glenn Beck is on. He tells us that this is the Archduke Ferdinand moment - something that cold spark of a big-ass war (Assasination of Ferdinand is the incident which sparked off WW1). Beck says that US diplomacy has resulted in the USA backing dictators and this is the reason that people outside the USA hate the USA. This is where Beck stops speaking sense. He is also onto Iran now and how things can only get worse because that is what happens in the Middle East.

Beck now says America should just stay the hell out of other people's affairs - even George Washington said so. It is the liberal progressive agenda which gets America into these messes and Beck blames Woodrow Wilson.

Ah, here we go. Beck says the protests in Egypt are motivated by the Marxists and the Communists. O'Reilly says the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jihadists will take the place of the government and give al-Qaeda another hide-out. Hee hee - this is getting ridiculous. Beck says Mubarak is a horrible ugly guy but it is worse when the Jihadists take over. O'Reilly interrupts and says the world's biggest problem is Jihadists. Beck says NO, it is the Jihadists coupled with the Marxists and the Communists.

This is the most insane conversation I have ever heard.

O'Reilly has just told us that there is no oil in Egypt.

Beck says America is not in the Middle East for oil. anyway.

This is possibly the most insane 10 minutes of TV I have ever seen in my life.

Bill O'Reilly episode 1 February 2011 - Egypt

This is dealing with Healthcare and Egypt and I am bored of healthcare - and there's nothing you haven't head before - so I'm focussing only on Egypt.

Ok one thing: O'Reilly makes a good point. The Supreme Court will rule whether Obamacare is unconstitutional or not during the 2012 presidential campaign. That could come back to hurt Obama if it fails. O'Reilly does make a good point every now and then. It must be the position of the moon.

Has Obama screwed up this Egypt situation? Marc Lamont, a professor at Columbia University criticised Joe Biden for saying that Mubarak is not a dictator. He would give the Obama administration a D-minus. He says, impersonating Biden: "We hate despots. We hate dictators, but he's OUR dictator" - quite funny.

O'Reilly would give Obama a B in dealing with Egypt because he is doing what is best for the USA - selfish and I disagree strongly, but he is allowed his point of view. Lamont makes a good point - you can't push for democracy only when it suits you.

What the hell is going on? O'Reilly is debating like a real person? Am I becoming a Republican or have I gone completely mad? Glen Beck is on next so reality should kick back in.