Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 9 February 2011 - Illegal immigration and facebook

Should an Arizona farmer be forced to pay for work done by 16 illegal immigrants? The cost s $87 000 and a California (??) court says the farmer MUST pay them.

These 16 chaps went to visit him which Bardenne (farmer at hand) felt intimidated by and pulled out his gun. He eventually said he wasn't afraid and took the gun down, kicked some woman and then got his wife to phone the border patrol. Yadda yadda there's lot of detail that makes no difference in this debate.

In-studio guest reckons that it's his land and he can set a dog on people and wave a gun around on his own property if he wants to.

We're on to facebook now and the recent spate of goings on there. A woman bitched about her boss on facebook and was fired. No idea what she said (could be quite important). But a labour organisation said the boss had no right to fire her.

Evidently freedom of speech can get you fired and that's ok. In-studio guest says "It's a little thing called the first amendment". Of course the woman can call her boss a prat if she wants to. O'Reilly is mates with Glen Beck who vociferously insults people all the time and it's ok for him.

Come on Bill. This is nonsensical.

More O'Reilly tomorrow. Cheers folks.

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