Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 9 February 2011 - Introduction

Americans are turning against Obamacare, says O'Reilly. Sick people turning up at hospital who don't want to be bankrupted are not competitive under the proposed laws - which O'Reilly wants repealed, not changed. Obviously. Waka waka a Florida judge last week ruled Obamacare unconstitutional last week - a fact that O'Reilly must repeat every day. It is going to the Supreme Court which will decide anyway.

There are two guests in the studio who keep interrupting each other. They think they are being hilarious but I don't know what the hell is going on.

AP GFK poll says 40% of Americans in favour of Obamacare and 41% against which in-studio guest says is a better poll than O'Reilly's Rasmussen poll. That looks pretty even to me. At around a 2% margin of error, that could go between 39%-41% for or 39% to 42% against.

O'Reilly and the woman who is an in-studio guest (someone whose name I should know - journo on radio - apologies) are debating whether people hate Obama or his policies. She says that the left HATED Bush but the righties at the moment only dislike Obama's policies - idiot woman. O'Reilly correctly says that a lot of people hate Obama.

Next up - a civil organisation called Planned Parenthood is in kak for trying to cover up underage sex.

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