Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 9 February 2011 - Planned Parenthood

This looks quite hectic and will probably deal with statutory rape. O'Reilly's team asked the Planned Parenthood VP of communications, Stuart Schear. Schear claims he hasn't seen the tape but reckons it is doctored.

Planned Parenthood gets something like $300 million per year from the USA government.

Ok I see the problem here - girls who are like 13 are going into Planned Parenthood and getting advice about how to get an abortion without their parents knowing. In the state of New York (where this video was allegedly taken) you HAVE TO DECLARE any knowledge of statutory rape, which these people are not doing. Bastards.

O'Reilly is swinging this into an anti-abortion thing and has some deeply Republican congressman (Mike Pence from Indiana) to agree with him. Planned Parenthood, if it is dishing out abortion advice and possibly abortions should not, according to the law, receive government funding.

Here's the crux - poor people can get subsidised or free abortions. Planned Parenthood is a Title 10 organisation (publicly funded) and it seems as though the agenda being pushed here is to stop free/cheap abortions under the guise of cutting funding to organisations that break the law, like this one.

Pence kept calling abortion a form of birth control - I suppose technically it is, but it is not really the same thing as taking the pill, mate.

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