Monday, 31 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 1 February 2011 - Egypt II

We're getting stuck into it now. O'Reilly asks a new guest (Friedman) whether these protests will work and we might get the Muslim Brotherhood ruling the country. He backs this up citing the Islamic revolution in Iran which went from dictator who supported the US to a bunch of cocks who hate the US. I can see Iran is going to be the example for everything that may ever happen in the Middle East.

These are NOT the only two options in Egypt - and even if it is, let EGYPT decide democratically. Friedman says that the Muslim Brotherhood are lurking in the background. Crap - they have been very vocal in the coverage I have seen. Yes, admittedly, they do have an anti-Israel agenda. No, they are not the only people who campaign against the current Egyptian government.

One of the things many people forget is that the people of Egypt hate terrorists too. There have been numerous terrorist attacks in Egypt by radicals and people do not want them.

Glenn Beck is on. He tells us that this is the Archduke Ferdinand moment - something that cold spark of a big-ass war (Assasination of Ferdinand is the incident which sparked off WW1). Beck says that US diplomacy has resulted in the USA backing dictators and this is the reason that people outside the USA hate the USA. This is where Beck stops speaking sense. He is also onto Iran now and how things can only get worse because that is what happens in the Middle East.

Beck now says America should just stay the hell out of other people's affairs - even George Washington said so. It is the liberal progressive agenda which gets America into these messes and Beck blames Woodrow Wilson.

Ah, here we go. Beck says the protests in Egypt are motivated by the Marxists and the Communists. O'Reilly says the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jihadists will take the place of the government and give al-Qaeda another hide-out. Hee hee - this is getting ridiculous. Beck says Mubarak is a horrible ugly guy but it is worse when the Jihadists take over. O'Reilly interrupts and says the world's biggest problem is Jihadists. Beck says NO, it is the Jihadists coupled with the Marxists and the Communists.

This is the most insane conversation I have ever heard.

O'Reilly has just told us that there is no oil in Egypt.

Beck says America is not in the Middle East for oil. anyway.

This is possibly the most insane 10 minutes of TV I have ever seen in my life.

Bill O'Reilly episode 1 February 2011 - Egypt

This is dealing with Healthcare and Egypt and I am bored of healthcare - and there's nothing you haven't head before - so I'm focussing only on Egypt.

Ok one thing: O'Reilly makes a good point. The Supreme Court will rule whether Obamacare is unconstitutional or not during the 2012 presidential campaign. That could come back to hurt Obama if it fails. O'Reilly does make a good point every now and then. It must be the position of the moon.

Has Obama screwed up this Egypt situation? Marc Lamont, a professor at Columbia University criticised Joe Biden for saying that Mubarak is not a dictator. He would give the Obama administration a D-minus. He says, impersonating Biden: "We hate despots. We hate dictators, but he's OUR dictator" - quite funny.

O'Reilly would give Obama a B in dealing with Egypt because he is doing what is best for the USA - selfish and I disagree strongly, but he is allowed his point of view. Lamont makes a good point - you can't push for democracy only when it suits you.

What the hell is going on? O'Reilly is debating like a real person? Am I becoming a Republican or have I gone completely mad? Glen Beck is on next so reality should kick back in.

Bill O'Reilly episode 1 February 2011 - Introduction

We've got Glen Beck on to chit chat about Egypt later on. Seriously... yeugh. Really, Bill? Is he a foreign policy expert?

A federal judge declares Obamacare unconstitutional. So we've had some for and some against. The aspect declared illegal is the point that Americans have to buy health care by 2014. That's two judges who have said it IS unconstitutional and two who have said it ISN'T. O'Reilly says it will go to the Supreme Court. O'Reilly reckons Obamacare will lose in the Supreme Court 5-4.

Instead of changing that aspect of the bill, O'Reilly wants people who are rushed to hospital to remain in debt for ever or be refused treatment.

This is the same shit we've been hearing forever. Let's get onto Beck and Egypt. Let me get my vomit bucket first, though.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 27 Jan 2011 - John Stewart

Ok so this congressman, Steve Cohen, compared anti-Obamacarers to Nazis last week and O'Reilly had a field day with it - you know how he likes to play the victim, plus it was just after Obama had told all Americans to chill the hell out while fingers were being pointed in the aftermath of the Tucson shooting.

John Stewart, on his show found a clip from 2008 where O'Reilly compared the Huffington Post to Nazis, and went on to call O'Reilly a hypocrite.

O'Reilly says this is factually incorrect as he was talking about a specific quote the Huffington Post (I would imagine it was a user comment) which called for Nancy Reagan to suffer a painful death - it was a pretty disgusting comment.

But for O'Reilly to call someone Nazis 2 years before he got all shitty because someone else threw the same accusation around is hypocritical, if you ask me. It's just a stupid term that shouldn't be used as an insult, in my humble opinion.

Bill O'Reilly episode 27 Jan 2011 - Democrat defending SOTU

Democrat reponse to O'Reilly's SOTU response. Chap called Robert Andrews, Democrat from New Jersey.

Correctly, what I heard, this guest tells O'Reilly that Obama said he would freeze spending for 5 years. Not enough for the Republicans but still an admission that there is a deficit.

O'Reilly is schooling this guy. In terms of TV skill, old Billy knows how to use this medium. He has also found the driest politician to come and argue with him.

Andrews says that the Internet is a result of government involvement in a project. O'Reilly says private sector would have invented it anyway. O'Reilly mentions that Amtrak (USA's Transnet) has lost $13 billion in 10 years. Andrews admits that Paul Ryan, the Republican who responded to the SOTU address could have a role to play in future government spending.

In fairness, there wasn't much crazily incorrect or offensive. It was a pretty interesting discussion.

Bill O'Reilly episode 27 Jan 2011 - Intro

Bill O'Reilly has informed us that Republicans think the answer is in the private sector while Democrats believe t is in federal government. Really? Is this a lesson that needs to be taught?

We're being told that government run things suck while all private things work superbly. While there may be a case for that, I am sure not all government-run entities suck. Airports? This in-studio guest (Fox Reporter Dick Morris) says the post-office sucks because it is govt run and Fedex makes more money. Surely it's not just profit that makes a business good or not?

I haven't checked, but I am sure that the post office is cheaper than using Fedex?

O'Reilly says that if Obama's plan to rid the US of the recession works, he will probably win the next election. Um, duh.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 25 Jan 2011 - National security

Mexico next on O'Reilly.

Mexico, according to O'Reilly and his in studio guest (Dr George Friedman), say that Mexico, outside terrorism, is the biggest threat to national security because of the violence spills over the border, there is not enough armed forces to deal with it.

According to O'Reilly, drugs (the reason for all the violence in Mexico) is responsible for 70% of crime in the USA. (I am not sure of the allusion is that Mexicans cause crime in the USA?)

Now, O'Reilly asks whether Mexico really wants the drug trade stopped as it adds to the government's bottom line. What utter libellous kak. Drug money allegedly buys Mexican politicians houses. Of course there are corrupt folks in Mexican govt, but surely not all?

Russia also suffering from "Islamist terrorism problem", in light of explosion at Moscow Airport yesterday. We're getting onto what a shit leader Obama is re: international relations, although to Dr Friedman's credit, he lays into Bush's foreign policy too.

Bill O'Reilly episode 25 Jan 2011 - American donations stolen

O'Reilly last week accused donations to Haiti of being stolen. He shows us clips of Bono and Bill Gates saying that all donations to fight the wars on AIDS, poverty etc etc are working.

Nile Gardner, from the Heritage Foundation, however, disagrees. $145 million of donated money has gone missing, allegedly, which according to Gardner, could be billions. Yes, he said that. No, I don't know.

O'Reilly is not wasting time telling us he donates. "Where does MY money go when I donate it?" he asks.

Turns out it goes into a central fund - Gates foundation, or whatever - and then is distributed by someone else beneath the eyes of the UN who is not accountable for the money. So this doesn't neccesarily mean the money has been stolen, it just means that people without permission can't trace it - which admittedly, is half of the problem with most aid that is given.

Bill and Melinda Gates have responded to accusations of thievery with a statement, but O'Reilly declines to read their response. Nice to get the full picture then, eh?

Bill O'Reilly episode 25 Jan 2011 - State of the Union address

State of th Union is tomorrow night and O'Reilly is mad because he has to watch it. He claims every president puts a positive spin on things, including Obama. Obama will tell us he is doing a good job - inserts say that McCain and Colin Powell agree.

O'Reilly reckons Obama is only moving toward the centre because he wants to win the next election. Well spotted you political expert, you.

Congressman Michelle Bachmann - who has just been slaughtered to shit by Anderson Cooper for glossing over America's history of slavery - is on. She's going to be the Tea Party spokesperson replying to the State of the Union address.

Bachman knows Gabrielle Giffords (they entered Congress together), the most famous victim in the Tucson shooting. O'Reilly is beating the drum of how ALL Republicans were accused of being accessories to the shooting -due to political rhetoric - by ALL non-Republicans. This is complete and utter shit. Yes, some people did. But not all.

Weirdly enough, Bachmann and O'Reilly are mutually masturbating about how the media bypassed the truth... while they peddle these lies.

O'Reilly reckons that because the accusations of this were denied by the President, the Far Left is now irreparably damaged. Actually, the Far anything doesn't damage itself EVER, as 8 years of Bush followed up by Palin has displayed.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 20 Jan 2011 - body language expert

Clip insert: Dick Cheney on Fox said that he thought Obama would be a one-term president and he re-affirmed his view.

We have a body language expert in to see what this Cheney clip is all about. He tilted his head which means he is comfortable talking. But he is holding his head higher than normal but we have no conclusion. When Cheney said the word "president" he stuck out his tongue and this means he hates Obama.

However, Cheney moved his head in some way or some such shit that means he now HOPES Obama will be a one-term president.

We're now looking at a clip of the Tucson sheriff. Body language expert says he has a severe look of smugness. Bear in mind this is the guy who kicked off the debate about political rhetoric being the cause of the Tucson shooting.

They are doing Robert Downey Jr at the Golden Globes now and it's about where he is pointing his feet...

This is such horseshit. Body language experts are thumsucky bumwankerers.

Bill O'Reilly episode 20 Jan 2011 - Palin and more China

We're onto Palin stats. O'Reilly can't understand why she's taken a hit. His in-studio guest says it's a plot by the left-wing media.

We've all heard this a million times. I am so bored of it.

The in-studio guest did, however, say something I haven't heard before. O'Reilly asked him if he would have given Hu the swanky dinner and the guest said yes, because China is the largest country in the world.

No, my dear friends at Fox. Russia is the world'a largest country. The USA is the world's largest economy.

The only thing China has the largest of is population.

Bill O'Reilly episode 20 Jan 2011 - China, Hu's visit to the USA

O'Reilly tells us he didn't watch the Obama-Hu press conference because it was too boring. What a nice start.

O'Reilly hates the fact that China is changing the value of its currency. Rove explains what China is doing - the yuan is undervalued and this makes Chinese exports more attractive. If the currency was allowed to float it would rise up closer to the dollar. O'Reilly has just spoken the largest amount of crap I have ever heard. He says if he took $100 and changed it into yuan and then changed it back to dollars he'd have $72? Rove tries to tell him that he's be paying comission. O'Reilly stops talking when he realises he's talking out of his arse.

O'Reilly says Hu has been given the red carpet treatment purely because a $45 billion trade deal has been struck between the two countries. Swanky dinners have been given for a lot less, letme tell you...

Rove and O'Reilly say that this lovely dinner etc etc is bullshit because China is unhelpful re: N.Korea and is pissing Japan around. O'Reilly tried to make some crack about a buffet for everyone but I didn't really understand it. It would have been a nice issue to debate, but O'Reilly's "sense of humour" got in the way.

Bill O'Reilly episode 20 Jan 2011 - Obamacare

Obamacare (O'Reilly's favourite drum he likes to bang) is being debated... O'Reilly with Karl Rove.

Rove just spat out a whole lot of stats in the 40%-49% of a whole lot of crap being against something like free healthcare. In my book that's less than half. O'Reilly did mention that there is often an undecided portion of a poll vote but we got no inkling as to what proportion that was.

O'Reilly is right on one note. Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee, said in the House that Republicans are Nazis (indirectly). What a stupid comparison. Rove says that Cohen should be ashamed of himself. I hate agreeing with Rove.


I watch Bill O'Reilly every afternoon (it's on at midday here in Hong Kong) and I find him a completely bigoted, defensive patroniser who has a large platform to spread falsehoods.

There are so many innacuracies on his show that I think need to be corrected.

So this blog is a dose of objectivity heading his way.

Will do my best.