Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 20 Jan 2011 - China, Hu's visit to the USA

O'Reilly tells us he didn't watch the Obama-Hu press conference because it was too boring. What a nice start.

O'Reilly hates the fact that China is changing the value of its currency. Rove explains what China is doing - the yuan is undervalued and this makes Chinese exports more attractive. If the currency was allowed to float it would rise up closer to the dollar. O'Reilly has just spoken the largest amount of crap I have ever heard. He says if he took $100 and changed it into yuan and then changed it back to dollars he'd have $72? Rove tries to tell him that he's be paying comission. O'Reilly stops talking when he realises he's talking out of his arse.

O'Reilly says Hu has been given the red carpet treatment purely because a $45 billion trade deal has been struck between the two countries. Swanky dinners have been given for a lot less, letme tell you...

Rove and O'Reilly say that this lovely dinner etc etc is bullshit because China is unhelpful re: N.Korea and is pissing Japan around. O'Reilly tried to make some crack about a buffet for everyone but I didn't really understand it. It would have been a nice issue to debate, but O'Reilly's "sense of humour" got in the way.

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