Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bill O'Reilly episode 27 Jan 2011 - Intro

Bill O'Reilly has informed us that Republicans think the answer is in the private sector while Democrats believe t is in federal government. Really? Is this a lesson that needs to be taught?

We're being told that government run things suck while all private things work superbly. While there may be a case for that, I am sure not all government-run entities suck. Airports? This in-studio guest (Fox Reporter Dick Morris) says the post-office sucks because it is govt run and Fedex makes more money. Surely it's not just profit that makes a business good or not?

I haven't checked, but I am sure that the post office is cheaper than using Fedex?

O'Reilly says that if Obama's plan to rid the US of the recession works, he will probably win the next election. Um, duh.

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